Amish Scooters, Again

photo by Gamba via tgumblr

I’ve written about Amish scooters before. I think they would be a good means of transportation if one has a couple of miles to go at a time; faster than walking, cheaper than driving a car, more convenient than hitching up the buggy.

There doesn’t seem to be just one design, although the principle is the same for all – two in-line wheels, platform, steering by handlebars. Push with one foot.

Amish men on scooters via last fm

The price is a little less than a well-made bicycle, in the $200 range. (Try, but be warned that they also sell Amish-made furniture at more than I can afford! So don’t get entranced.)

Amish scooter with bike wheels and basket via getoutdoors

Both men and women use these scooters, as do children and older folks. I wonder if I could get one suitable for trail use.

Amish scooter with small wide tires via lifeofatrueblonde

This one would work. It looks like it was made in a farm machine shop. I wonder if one of my welding neighbours could make one.

5 thoughts on “Amish Scooters, Again

  1. Each Amish community allows different things, the Amish in our area seldom ride bikes, and I never seen any on scooter. But, if you travel to the LaGrange/Shipshewana area you see Amish on bikes and scooters all over the place. Another difference between the communities, in Grabill, close to where I live, the buggies are all open, in the winter they use buggy blankets to cover their legs, and umbrellas to block the wind, they will attach a “kid box” on the back of the buggy in the winter, the small children ride inside the kid box, there are a couple of small windows, so they can see out, but they are protected somewhat from the cold. But go to Lagrange/Shipshewana and all of the buggies are closed in and have glass wind shields.

  2. Enjoyed this Magdalena! I find that people are really into Amish scooters, I often get requests about them on my site. Maybe it is the throwback quality.

    And wasn’t there an English scooter craze a few years back? The ‘fat tires’ model the girl is riding in the bottom photo is a new one on me!

    • I remember about ten years ago, all the kids in our neighbourhood had scooters. I tried one and found it a lot of fun. I have seen a few of the higher end Amish scooters in Fredericton; probably a bike shop brought them in for university students. When you make it to this part of the world, Erik, you’ll see why scooters appeal to me. We are far too hilly for a middle-aged woman to want to ride a bicycle or inline skates. I used to have roller skiis, but they were very impractical for travel.

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