Light in Darkness

For Each Day

vincent van gogh sun detail

Our Great God,

It is only in You that we find light in darkness. No mere human can answer this need. So often, we are distracted by fame, cleverness, and attractiveness. Some person seems to answer our need to be affirmed, exalted or soothed. We turn from Your true light, which also shows up the defects of character we wish to keep hidden. We bask for a while in the glow of renown, and look for false teaching simply because it agrees with what we would like to be. But that false light is no more than a corpse candle, and if we open our eyes all the way, we can see the corruption of following someone who leads us back into the world, into death.

Father, we should flee that! We must turn back to the brightness of Our Lord and Savior, the Dayspring, the true dawn, the light…

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Times of Trouble

For Each Day

Vincent_Van_Gogh_doors of the asylum

Oh, Lord, we know we will always have times of trouble. It may be from political unrest, economic woes, ill health, and legal issues. We will always have the world working against us, trying to tear us down and make us over in its foul image.

Lord Above, give us strength to bear the slings and arrows of evil and indifference. Give us wisdom to choose Your way in all the divergent paths before us. Help us to bear life’s times of trouble, and to follow our Saviour, Jesus Christ, in peace of heart.

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