The Answer to Prayer

God sends help in so many ways. Sometimes it is immediate, as in a gift that aids the family through economic hardship. Sometimes it is finding a quiet community of Christians and Friends right under our feet, who sustain us in other ways, through their love, presence and faithf. We have had both blessings lately, and the Lord has heard our prayers and acted on them. We await, in time, answers to other prayers, about housing, employment and health. We pray for reconciliation in our families. I pray always “Maranatha!’ “Lord, come to us.”

It is our best and most important prayer. Lord, come. We wait for you. We are hard at work in the vineyard, and we see the setting sun, and we wait for you to call us from our labours and lead us to a place of rest and plenty. Lord Jesus, come to us!

On Men and Masculinity

This past year my husband and I read John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart. He found it very liberating and I found it informative about how modern men feel in today’s world. They feel weak and emasculated very often. This is a book from a strong Christian perspective, about men claimingf their God-given place as men, not as drones, or worse, as hairy, ugly, not very bright women.

I believe that we have elevated women to a cult standing, that feminization has diminished our men. I don’t like it. I agree with Eldredge, that men are meant to be adventurous, protective and brave. They were not meant to trail after a woman in malls and carry her purse while she tries on shoes. They were not meant to sit quietly while wife, boss, president, kids rage and rant at them over every imagined slight. Men need to stand up for themselves, need to accept the role that they see in following Christ, and they need to get out there and change the world for the good. They are to open the doors to the kingdom of heaven, and lead the flock in. They are to storm the bastions of hell and rout Satan, fighting alongside their Lord.

Women have a place in this too. Every Christian is a front line soldier. Our weapons aren’t steel swords and hand grenades, but prayer, scripture and the example of a Godly life. Men build, women maintain. Men defend, women sustain. These are complementary roles. And there are times, sisters, when we will be in the front line, so be ready. Pray without ceasing, know the scripture, make your own life as close to Christ as you can. Repent of sin and turn away from it, so that you may stand tall and strong as well, and shoulder the burden God will lay on you.

Right now my husband is dealing with a terrible injury to his body, brain and mind. he lost a lot, but he has not lost his faith or his will to serve Christ. he knows that he isn’t marching in the front line, that he willt ake a support role, at least for a while, but he had prepared his heart with prayer and silence for this difficult time, and that work has paid off. Unlike many stroke patients, he has not suffered from depression or despair. He is prepared to move on and work in whatever role God gives him. He sustains me with his love and trust,a nd gives me courage to go on, even when so much looks hopeless.

He is still the strong man Christ led him to be. What a blessing that is.

Living Theology

Pray always – especially so, when nothing else can happen without it! it’s an illusion that we control our lives, at least we cannot control them in  a positive way; all that is good comes from God. Pray without ceasing. That is true theology, the true God-speaking, the unending communion with God in the light of the Holy Spirit.

A lot has happened in the last two months, and it is still way too hard to carry this burden alone, so I wait on God. The work is His while the anxiety is all mine! Each day, though, brings a new blessing, large or small.

What does God want me to learn from all this? What is my immediate task? I am still trying to find out.


Nicholas is out of hospital, and doing fairly well. He is still very tired. We pray for further recovery. Now we need to find a place to live, and I must find some work. The myth of the great Canadian safety net for the unemployed and disabled is just fiction.

It has been a rough two months, and I was sustained with prayer, especially the prayer of those around us. It looks to be another couple of rough months as we transit from illness to wellness.