Last Post

Or, perhaps, the next to the last. The next post will direct you to a new blog. My theological focus is shifting, as is my life. I will be headed back to the United States soon, with plans to work for a while, then continue in Clinical Pastoral Education. I am no longer Anglican. The church has rejected me in so many ways that I think this “marriage” is irrevocably broken.

I have a full slate of things that need to be done before leaving Canada, and they are taking up much of my brain and effort.

Thank you for reading for so long, and I hope you will follow whatever comes next.


I am changing the name of the blog soon. I am no longer Anglican. I had been clinging to an institution that has no interest in clinging to me. Time to move on. I filed a petition against my bishop’s decision and about his bullying me into resigning, but I expect nothing from it.

I am planning to move back to the USA soon. I will get work, a place to live and then come back for Nicholas, who will stay with a friend in the meantime. I can’t get a visa for him until I have work and a home.