Still in the Woods

and we like it. But why? It can be lonely, it is far from telephones, internet and television (don”t mind that, really.)

Some of it is in response to a lifelong escape fantasy, probably, that Robinson Crusoe dream of being master of all we survey. It is more than that, though, for it is place where, as T.S. Eliot wrote, “Prayer has been effective.” It is a prayer palace, two tiny rooms as they are! Without distraction, I can focus on my prayer life, on menaingful conversation with God, with the inklings He puts in my heart that I am to ponder and to follow.

The Church is not being what we need, as far as the institution goes. But the Body of Christ! Oh, amazing and glorious! They are praying for us, helping us, supporting us in Christian love! We are uplifted by their outreach for their fallen angels.

I was given a vision lately. I was praying for peaceful sleep, for benign dreams, but the Lord gave me this: The Church is a ruined city, Jerusalem plundered and burned, her people taken away. I was standing in a broken watchtower, the little branch of the Church where I was ordained, and I looked across the once fertile plain to devastation. And yet, we can pray with the psalmist, with Isaiah, and with the whole Diaspora of the faithful, that the new Jerusalem will be realized. Maranatha, and amen!

Notes from the Outback

The wilderness adventure continues…except it isn’t very wild, since we are twenty minutes from a decent sized village. But we are still far off the grid, which doesn’t bother me, aside from the everlasting, unending, eternal RAIN. I need to check my diary notes, but I think it has rained every day for a month except for July 1 (Canada Day). The ground is soaked, the road is mud except for the rocky ridges, and the firewood is wet, wet, wet. Which wastes valuable calories drying it out before it will properly burn, if it does that. We’ve been using gopher wood (when you need wood you gopher it – found wood) and unless it is standing dead trees, there’s not much chance that it will be dry enough to burn without a couple of days behind the stove. We are giving in this weekend and buying some split wood to get through the month.

And the laundry is way behind, since it has to hang on the line to dry, and that doesn’t work. After a day or two of soaking rains, I take it in and hang it wherever near the stove.

And the cost of gasoline…I ran up a little budget today and we really cannot afford to drive the truck more than one day a week. Really. So I have to ask forgiveness for this – but I’ll have to shop on the Sabbath after church. I’ve got about two or three weeks of food on the shelf, counting a few meals of potatoes with a side of potatoes. So maybe I can avoid the Sabbath Shopping dilemma for a while.

What are you doing where you are to offset the high cost of fuel, heating, and grain? Are people going without instead of buying? Are we looking at possible nutritional problems?