the second eclectic: Amish Technology

A well-written post as an introduction to the concept of Gelassenheit by the second eclectic.

via the second eclectic: Amish Technology.


3 thoughts on “the second eclectic: Amish Technology

    • I admire how well he addressed the subject, much better than my meanderings. Lucy has a post on Gelassenheit as well.

  1. I find it interesting that the Amish phone booths in our neck of the woods have been taken down in the past few years as the adoption of cell phones has become common place. Many Amish utilize websites to promote their business, seeking a wider customer base, the Graber Harness Shop has a website, the Grabill Cabinet Shop has a web site, and out of necessity all of the businesses have land lines because it is a necessity to do business. I love the Amish general stores in our area, they carry a lot of “old fashioned” useful items, and they have fair pricing, but all are equipped with a modem credit card swipe machine for debit and credit card transactions.
    I love the fact that they adopt the technology that is necessary to remain competitive in the marketplace, yet keep good hours, they close by 5, they are never open on Sunday.
    The teenage Amish tend to “bling” up their buggies in our area, they put neon strip lighting and other effects to jazz things up, it is not unusual to hear a boom box blasting out country music as a buggie load of Amish teens clip clop past.
    The Amish I know are welcoming and friendly, they work hard, and their businesses generally flourish. When a wood mill burned to the ground a few years ago, Joe was back in business the following week as the entire community pitched in to clean up, and get him up and running again.
    Each Amish home I have visited is very similar inside, a large kitchen, large table always with a vinyl table cloth and many chairs, pretty calendars, white lacy valances, pull shades, some comfortable furniture, and a coal burning stove to heat the house, they are always neat and clean.
    It takes commitment to live in a community and support, and the Amish certainly are very supportive of one another and take pride (in a good way) in their way of life.

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