Wise Use of Knowledge

For Each Day

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Lord of All,

Give us hearts to use knowledge wisely, whether it is of our own discovery or learned from others. Show us the way to turn our curiosity, intelligence and learning to Your glory. Keep us from misusing the intimacy of the universe for our own gain, our own hubris. Let us help others, enlighten darkness, extend the hand of love You give us. Kill in us pride and temptation.

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A Prayer for Patience

For Each Day

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Lord, You know I hurry too much. I want to get it done, finish it, move on. I want to say what I will say. I am always haunted by a strong desire to get away and be on my own.

But You have put me in places with people who need my time. While quiet time is necessary, so is patient listening and attention. If my desire to escape were only that I could be with You in prayer, it would be more understandable. Instead, it is often to merely withdraw from the needs of others.

Give me the right kind of patience, Lord. Patience with others, patience with myself, to build a Church of love and relation.

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Yarn Along -Happy New Year!

A mention at my friend Paula’s blog – she knit a lovely warm shawl for me.

At Home With Us

Yarn Along

Here’s a good way to start the New Year, with a Yarn Along.

Remember the tie-shawl I started at the beginning of December?  Well I decided to send it to my friend Julie in Chicago.  She’s set up a mission to help that city’s homeless.  If anyone is looking for a charity to help out this year, Hermosa House would be a great option.  I can guarantee you Julie will make the best use of your donation dollars.  Even if you want to send warm knitted things like hats and mitts for her to give out.

Julie’s shawl used about half of my Preciosa.  So I quickly cast on another one for me.  I finished it up the other day.  Wow I love this yarn, it’s so soft and squishy.

We gave Grandma some yarn for Christmas because she wanted a new sweater coat.  So I cast…

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