Insomnia and insanity

Not sleeping. Well, I sleep some, but there are long stretches of night where I’m just awake. Nicholas is suffering from it, too, and even the dogs are restless. Maybe it’s because we’re country people and used to dark-as-the-tomb nights, at least when there’s no moon. I’ve always been wakeful on full moon nights, but the city seems to be all full-moon nights, with the parking garage lights next door, the cars coming and going at all hours, street lights, neighbours’ lights…a lot of light pollution.

I have a whole file of insomnia solutions, but I’m reluctant to start on the passion flower/valerian/california poppy route again. Eventually you just feel drugged. Yes, they are natural remedies, but the essential oils and chemical compounds are precursors of modern drugs. I had been using lemon balm-based tea. Maybe it’s time to go back to the nice-cup-of-tea routine, of melissa, nettle, mint and chamomile.  Another good one for relaxation and overwrought nerves is lemon balm, green oat tops, and catnip. But I find it hard to locate the green oat tops. I used to cut them in my backyard.

Israel was always warned by the Lord to stay out of cities. God wasn’t kidding around there. Cities are insane. It is a mad way of life, truly mad because people don’t even see that it is crazy. People with mental disorders often know they are sick and want help. People in cities don’t have a clue. Cities turn night into day. People don’t rest, let alone keep the sabbath and honour the Lord’s Day. People shop, eat food that isn’t really food, and look for amusement. They are constantly on the move, hunting for “relationships” that seem to last mere days, and then they move on.

Hmm, just like in the days of Noah.

The Lord gave us the herbs of the land for our benefit and health, but we pave over the land so that nothing will grow. We spray our green spaces with herbicides and pesticides and plant pretty things that no one can eat. We talk a lot about restoration of the world, saving the planet, and so on, but we are not seeking the kingdom of God. When we do, that will be saving the planet in a big way.