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My Chicago peep, Tammy Perlmutter, curates a fabulous blog called “Mudroom – Making Room in the Mess.” Tammy is a funny, creative, big-hearted force to be reckoned with at Jesus People USA. This month she has been sharing the honestly amazing work friends have been adding to the glorious mix at the Mudroom, featuring women and their work in faith. I chimed in with my meditations on our sister saint, Dorothy Day, of the Catholic Workers Movement, and a woman with many unexpected aspects. Here’s the link:

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Dorothy Day children


Distributism – An Economic Alternative

I am re-posting this from Jesus Radicals, because much of it reminds me of the root values of early Anabaptism. We have to ask ourselves, as Christians, “How do we live out our faith as workers? How do we work toward a Kingdom model of equity?”