Ancient Faith Radio

I’m a little overwhelmed with early winter family issues, and may not post much this week, but I really want to tell you about Ancient Faith Radio. This is broadcast over the internet ( and is the most uplifting and meaningful resource for traditonal Christians whose faith is centered in Ancient Orthodoxy – that is, the church as connected to the Church of the Apostles. Nicholas set it up on our computer so that we can listen to it whenever the computer is on. Our bargain table $5 Compaq speakers give great sound, and I am listening to this incredible chant and music right now.

Orthodox music of faith does not use instruments. It is usually chanted in a variety of tones, with either male or female voices, and sometimes both antiphonally. It is prayer, not performance. Ancient Faith often has the chants presented in English rather than in Greek or Russian, although those ancient tongues are so beautiful that not understanding the words does not inhibit the understanding in the heart.

Scripture or quotes from the Early Fathers are interspersed with the chant. It is comforting, challenging, and transcendent.

Right now, I can sit in our little bedroom study, work on my handcraft (as so many of our monastic sisters still do) and gaze upon the icons while hearing the beautiful, traditional expressions of the unbroken faith of the church. It is a monastic experience indeed.

God bless the work of Ancient Faith!