Book Review: NIV Easy Read Bible

For Each Day


Shouldn’t one’s Bible be easy to read? Yes, of course it should. It can be discouraging for someone to be given a Bible, or buy a new one, and find it is hard to hold and hard to understand. I am, at heart, an Elizabethan, and the early English Bibles appeal to me, right through the King James authorized text. I do understand, though, that the archaic forms of modern English are becoming, at a rapid pace, unintelligible to contemporary readers. The King James version with which many people of my age were raised was written in a dialect of English that was already disappearing fast in Britain, but was retained for that translation to match the form of English used in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

Today’s liturgies and worship services, along with modern commentaries on the scriptures, are written in contemporary English. While it isn’t necessary to…

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