To Be a Child

For Each Day

vincent van gogh child-with-orange-1890(1)

Dear God, I have not forgotten my childhood. I remember clearly days of sun and green grass, days of grey snowstorms and winter chill. I remember the daily joys of that young life: A mother’s kiss, ripe strawberries, a new doll. I remember them thankfully, that innocent and deep happiness. Those days were a great gift of grace.

Father, I remember too the sorrows, the sudden sadness and fear of childhood. There dark nights when I wasn’t sure where my parents were, the first sense of losing something precious, the early sting of how irrevocable death is. There were childhood arguments that ended in tears, the flare of a temper not yet under control. And I thank You, too, for those moments to learn to quiet myself, and to trust You.

Lord, Give me the gift of the innocent trust of childhood, the sudden and uncynical happiness, the quick recovery…

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