Hermosa Dia

Our religious order, The YOKE, has an active outreach ministry. We would like to do more than we can at this time on our limited resources. If you feel called to aid us, here is the information.

For Each Day

hermosa dia 10142013

Please donate (Paypal:brotherlarry@theyoke.org); in these hard times, many are in need. While our ministryat The YOKE is mostly focused on Chicago, we have ministries overseas that help support widows and orphans. Our mission is to reach the poorest of the poor directly, with immediate care. The YOKE is a an attentive listener, a voice of advocacy, a nourishing meal-provider, and a source of bus tickets, train passes, medicine, warm clothes, and diapers. Sometimes we are just a cup of coffee and a prayer. But here we are – living out Matthew 25, following our Lord.


Add a commitment to this ministry, if you are called to do so, in the comment box below, or send a donation directly to the Paypal address above. Thank you and God bless you!

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