Book Review – “Without a Vision My People Prosper”

Not your typical book on ministry, Without a Vison My People Prosper is the result of David Hayward’s life in ministry and his artistic expression of that ministry. It draws on his online reflections – quotes, thoughts, musings, cartoons and sketches – about a dedicated life in Christ, in the Church and in churches.

While striving for orthodoxy in belief, he questions the orthodoxy of leadership we find in evangelical churches. This is his personal search for authenticity in himself, and in others. After many sessions of vision planning, Hayward began to question the necessity of a church having a vision, as if they are always looking to the future, and never happy in the present.

He proposes that living without that “vision” – that goal, plan or ideal for the future – means the Church will start living in the present. He would like to see the churches stop looking for growth and change, but be satisfied with what God has given for today, including those fallible and unsatisfactory people in the pews right now.

When I told my husband about the book, he came forth with an old Amish proverb: “All I know is what I have today.”

I recommend this book for those caught up in the missional, visionary planning stages of their own church, always looking for the days yet to come instead of being thankful for our daily bread.

The author provided me with a PDF version of the book to review.

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