Copyright Notice

Consider this notice that ALL the material here that is of my own work is under copyright. I don’t care where you are or who you think you are, do NOT take my material, whether written or photographed, and use it, even with credit, unless you have my express permission.

I am very upset that someone has been disseminating photographs from here of me and my husband without permission. Plain is more than the way we dress. It is also our right to modesty. If this continues, I will remove all my material from the internet. I am annoyed that you chose to make my life that much harder because of your indiscretion.


16 thoughts on “Copyright Notice

  1. I am so sorry that you have had this happen you, I understand how you feel, I have had several people steal whole posts from my blog and post them to their blogs sites, one did have a link to my blog, however a simple, may I reprint a post with my permission would certainly have been nice.
    How do you go about copyrighting something like you have done here?
    Let me know if you would I am interested.
    or you could email me directly if you prefer.

    • I was told today that I should include a copyright notice like this one. In North America, a person has implied copyright. If you produced the original material, it is automatically assumed to be under copyright. It is different in other countries. But I must abide by the laws of the country where I am – and as far as I am concerned, when someone visits my blog, they are technically under Canada’s copyright laws. If you wish, you can use this post as your copyright notice, changing it to suit yourself. I don’t know how correct this is, but at least it is an attempt to keep control of one’s intellectual property. I have mentioned this before on the blog, but this is an explicit notice.

  2. Perhaps you might like to consider making your blog private and just inviting readers along.

    Copyright is very difficult to enforce. However, if you know the IP address or know the blog address of the blogger/person you could report them to WordPress (if they’ve reposted in WordPress that is.) They do take a very dim view of this sort of behaviour.

    I would suggest too adding a text box right at the top of your page detailing your copyright notice. I know a number of my blogging friends have done that.

    On a different note: I have been enjoying reading through your many blogs…

    Don’t get to downhearted though by what has happened.

    • I will try adding the notice box. I think I may have addressed the person directly, but it is not a wordpress blog.

  3. I am so sorry this has happened to you, I have tried recipes and ideas you have posted, but never republished them in any way shape or form. I have given you the credit for anything I have tried that has worked. I would miss your posts if you discontinue them but I understand the violation of your rights. I will pray for whomever is doing this that they will feel the burden of the error of their ways and stop it.

    • I suppose because it was personal photographs it felt like an invasion of my privacy to have them published without my knowing it. It violates principles of modesty, that we share only images with those we choose. I have a close readership, and rarely do I use pictures of myself. So it was offensive.

  4. If you do choose to go the “invite only” road, please include me on your list – I’ve been reading your blog regularly for some time now. Don’t always agree :), but then He didn’t tell us we should agree with each other!

    I found your previous post on “Surprised by Oxford” particularly interesting – I studied theology at Oxford some decades ago. I don’t say this to impress (which would be absurd), but because, looking back, the whole experience reminds me of the ‘vain discussion’ referred to on a recent “Grateful to the Dead” post.

    I’d be interested to know why you left the priesthood, but perhaps that’s rather a private issue that you don’t wish to discuss.

    On the business of photographs: so sorry to hear about this, but the person who did this may simply have no understanding of discretion (rather than being malicious) – our age is characterised by publicity mania. Still, let’s hope they’ve got the message.


    • I will keep the blog open, and I think I’ve now addressed the issue through direct contact, so I will let it go for now, but will add copyright reminders sometime soon. I think what disapppointed me most about “Surprised by Oxford” is that a spiritual biogrpahy has to be so open, honest and even raw that anyone who is not a well-seasoned Christian is best not to attempt it. The ones that are successful are about all the stages of that journey the writer has reached; fifteen after a conversion experience seems a bit pre-emptive. The great spiritual biographies we remember are Julian of Norwich, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila – and perhaps some of the moderns such as Lewis. I expect the publishing lists are full of spiritual biographies, but they were not memorable, perhaps because the writer was not ready to write that story.

      My reasons for leaving active ministry are fairly well-known. I disagreed with my bishop over my choice to remarry. (That is, he didn’t like my choice.) My husband and I chose to explore some of the alternatives to traditonal Anglicanism, and that didn’t work out well, which caused more conflict within our home diocese. I am still a priest; contrary to reports that circulated, I did not renounce my Anglican orders. I am ex-parish, but I would gladly take a parish now.

  5. I am sorry to hear that Magdalena. I keep a text in my blog which says that people are allowed to use my pictures freely but they must credit me and link to the blog but that I do not allow that they copy any text without my consent. You could do something like that as well.

    • I doubt if I would have noticed if someone had used photos of the goats. There are two principles involved – one is that the photos were identifiable as us, and used without notice. The other, of course, is that I gave no implied or explicit consent for someone else to use my intellectual work. Apparently copyright law and custom is badly misunderstood, even by people who need to refer to it.

  6. That’s awful… I hope you don’t take information and pictures off I really enjoy your blog… Hope things work out for the better for you..

    • I think it has become a learning experience and a teaching moment. It is strange that someone, in trying to promote modesty, did something as immodest as publishing photos of modest women without their permission. My adopted granddaughter wrote to the tumblr account holder and asked her to please take down photos of me. We also seem to have no consistent understanding of copyright law, so I am promoting an ethic of privacy in this case which may not conform to strict copyright law, but should hold some authority with Christians.

  7. Thanks so much for your detailed reply – and I’m pleased to hear that you are keeping this blog open.

    I agree with your assessment of spiritual biographies: very often, the writer was not ready to tell his or her story.

    As far as your argument with the bishop is concerned, it’s this sort of hierarchy that keeps me out of churches.


    • It seems to be the will of God to keep me in the Anglican church, so here I stay. Someone has to stay and fight and try to change things. I guess it is me, God knows why. I don’t seem to be making much headway right now. Ah, after synod, we will see.

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