Rest and Recovery

Amish doll

I think I am making gains in my health, but some days I seem to have no true energy. We are eating properly, but too many nights of poor quality sleep have left me a bit wan.

Good things continue to happen – the silkies are finally int he barn, and adjusting to this large pen, although they seem to stick together very closely. I am suspecting that I have three roosters and one hen, which will not please the girl once they mature! I may trade two roosters for hens, once I am sure. They are lovely birds, very elegant in their Quaker black and grey, with their feathery bonnets and fringed wing-shawls. I don’t have good photos of them yet.

This week was our granddaughter’s first birthday. She is just walking a bit, has twelve teeth and is already talking: “Kitty, daddy, Mum, doggie, give me!” And “car.” I made the doll above for her birthday gift.

One thought on “Rest and Recovery

  1. The doll is beautiful. I’m sorry you are still feeling not so well. I think you ask a lot of yourself. The life you have chosen is a joyous way, but because Nicholas has health struggles of his own and because you are living a Plain way without the benefit and support of living as many Plain folk do, in community, the task you have taken on is very big. It’s not surprising you get exhausted. I too have been shaken to find how much less energy and stamina I have than when I was a younger woman, and I have not had your big allergy problems to contend with. May God rest and bless and prosper you, guide and lead you. x

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