Crofting: Chickens

Nicholas is very pleased with the chicken addition. We have never had a rooster, and for an unexpected gift, the big boy has been fine, and such fun. He was calling to Nicholas today, who was cleaning out the silkies’ crate. I think Dublin has already begun to associate Nicholas with food. He could see him and a bucket, but Nicholas had his back to the pen, and Dublin called him for a good five minutes, crowing

Dublin, the Rocky Road

loudly enough to be heard in the house. He has a good voice, and for such a large bird with three hens in his harem, he is well-mannered. He lets me pick up the girls and is very gentle when he is handled, as well. I was expecting more arrogance.

Pachysandra, a Barred Rock hen

This little lady makes up for him, though, in the hauteur  department. She has a Barred Rock attitude, a bit too pleased with her elegant plumage and fine figure. She had no interest in returning to her stall tonight when we shut the barn, and I had to chase her. Then all her snobbery disappeared, as she looks just like a chubby old lady holding her skirts above her knees when she runs. Hens have this funny, waddly run, with the wings flapping, just like matrons at the church fete in field competitions.

What are you doing?

This is Myrtle or Mignonette. This was what I was trying to get, but she took a lot of interest in the camera, and kept moving in closer:

She prefers this profile.

Myrtle and Mignonette are identical, except Myrtle is slightly bigger. They are a red/Arucana cross, lay green eggs and are very friendly.

We haven’t named the silkies yet, as all four of them are about the same colour. My previous hens, of different breeds, were Jet, Penny and Ginger, named for their feather colours.



2 thoughts on “Crofting: Chickens

  1. It’s hard getting good pictures of chickens isn’t it? Colin seems to have let one of the Chantecler roosters loose (for looks). Hopefully the cats leave him alone. We lost 4 banty chickens before Colin realized the cats weren’t going to leave them alone -sounds like a joke in there 🙂

    I would love hens that lay green eggs.

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