Crofting: Growing Chicks

Silkie chickens are often black or grey, with black feet and beaks. They start to get their characteristic topknot of feathers when they are still chicks. It looks like a little mohawk growing out of their heads. It give them an appearance of being a living Dr. Seuss illustration.

The bigger one is a week older, I think. This is the one that sings. She has a lovely melodious chirp, with a trill in it. The others sound like wind-up toys.

This is what a mature gray silkie looks like. They can also be white or buff – really a golden colour. The black ones have black or blue skin, which looks really strange when dressed out. Ours are for eggs and breeding stock.


One thought on “Crofting: Growing Chicks

  1. Beautiful birds. I love chickens, I grew up with Rhode Island Reds and Bantams. I miss having them. Apartment living is not condusive to having chickens or ducks. My husband laughs at me when I go to the farm and fleet store during chick week just to hold them.

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