That’s the usual directions for getting anywhere in New Brunswick. You will cross a river (but never the same one twice) and everything is through the woods. This is the river I crossed today:

one lane bridge

This is the little river that flows between Bridgewater, Maine and Centreville, New Brunswick. I had gone through Centreville but didn’t go as far as Bridgewater. I turned across the bridge and headed toward Bloomfield. This is what the stream looked like today as it tumbled down the old mill-race:

The rivers are high after a lot of heavy rain for a few days. I had never ventured this far past Centreville, but I had a good reason, because I was buying this:


Yes, I bought a box of cute. These are silkieĀ chicks. Neither one of us, seller or buyer, can tell boy chicks from girl chicks, so I took an assortment of six. If I got too many males, I’ll try to trade for hens with other chicken keepers. This shows you their relative size, as Nicholas holds one:

graychick and graybeard

Nicholas is so pleased. He thinks chickens are great farm animals and he had three we once owned tamed as pets. They hitched rides on his shoulders around the yard and even into the house. I expect he will get some of these trained the same way.

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