Crofting: Bandwidth and Satellites

We get our internet connection via a satellite receiver. If we wanted television reception, it would be the same. It is much too expensive for what it is, but here aren’t any reasonable altenratives, and I looked at all of them.

If there is lightning, we lose connection. If it rains, we lose connection. If it snows, we lose connection..

I never know, though, if it is the satellite connection, my computer, or the programme. When the technician came to replace the damaged satellite receiver recently, he had to re-adjust the dish. He commented that soemtiems a house will settle, but he had never seen one move up. I explained that we had floor jacks installed, so it had indeed moved up.

I have threatened to get rid of the internet. We may yet. It is expensive. The nearest public access computer is not very close, and not all that accessible. I could go back to snail mail, if the snails were more co-operative.


3 thoughts on “Crofting: Bandwidth and Satellites

  1. magdalena,

    if you do choose to give the net the flick, please ensure to provide us (off list, of course) with all requisite information to remain in contact with you. Need I mention that your blog is an incredible ministry in and of itself that has given me strength to carry on over the past few years at times when I have felt like the only one. To be certain, none of us would ever have known of one another if not for this insufferable collection of technology cobbled together that is the internet. Perhaps the net is a stepping stone that has allowed us to get to know you in such a way that wil henceforth permit more traditional forms of correspondance. Not too long ago, the parish, the village, the town, the suburb etc provided sources of encouragement and human connection. These past four or so decades, the social and ethical landscape has shifted markedly, individualism and affluence have taken their toll on the former (not to mention human relationships in terms of family, neighbours and fellow parishioners). is it time for us to go forth into all the world, as it were? i will respect any decision you eventually make here.



  2. Yes, snail mail has its downsides. I’ve ordered some roving to spin from Ontario to the US and it’s been a week and I’ve still not received it. Not sure if that’s normal.

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