Grim Determination…

stop to smell them, and make a healing salve from the petals

…is how I live my life. We are gonna get it RIGHT today, people! That’s me – driven, determined, and taking no nonsense.

On the other hand, I’ve been ill for weeks, my husband tires easily, and I don’t have either small children or frail elders at home. Why am I so driven to get things done?

To recap: The house is decently clean excpet for the mild fluff of a midseasonal shedding of undercoat by the dog. (Broom takes care of that.) Laundry is done, bathrooms are relatively clean, and all living sentient organisms are fed, clean and comfortable.

Do I need to let up on myself a bit? Yes. Because no one is keeping score but me. And I still have some birthday cake left, as well…


2 thoughts on “Grim Determination…

  1. Sit, relax and enjoy some cake my dear! Us 50+ers deserve it! I had my birthday the 15th! Jack is going to make a belated carrot cake for me. I will save some for you two! Huggles.

  2. Indeed-I think you should ease up a little on yourself.
    Life is not a race.

    I may even re-think my ownb to-do list.
    Glad you have some birthday cake left, that made me smile~!

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