Crofting Blog by Sharon Blackie, from Scotland

I love Sharon’s writing and feel just a wee bit envious that she is in Scotland, on the Atlantic side, “at the world’s end.”


2 thoughts on “Crofting Blog by Sharon Blackie, from Scotland

  1. The header photo looks like Land’s End in Cornwall.
    The local Costco sells dried seaweed but it is dried and in sheets, possible used for folks that make their own sushi.
    I will have to look into the seaweed made fiber!

    • The thin seaweed sheets are called “nori” – it means “folded” in Japanese. We can get dulse and such from Grand Manan here. My landlady and fellow herbalist says that a brew of seaweed and seasalt is excellent in the bath for healing skin. She has some seaweed in her freezer from Grand Manan, where her sister lives, so I will get some from her. I like the taste. I used to crumble the nori sheets into a powder and use it in soups and rice. It is high in minerals, but may not be appropriate for anyone watching their sodium intake. I would love to have a truckload of it for the garden this fall. If we go to the coast later in the year, I will plan to harvest some from the beach. I will have to check about needing a permit to do so, though.

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