Prayers, Answered

Small but significant graces received:
Lavender essential oil, rubbed on the bottom of the feet, is excellent for pain in the feet and legs and probably all over. Thanks to Milli!

A gift from the Anglican Church here gave us enough to purchase Nicholas’s meds this month and pay all the bills. Thanks to the wardens, Jocelyn and Bobby, and all the people of the Parish of Denmark. Special thanks to Father Bob.

A few writing assignments. They don’t pay much, but the income will give us a little step ahead on next month’s utility bills.

Canada Post is delivering again! So thanks to the government for resolving their differences.

With that postal delivery came payments for bonnets, which meant another half-tank of gas ($30) and some groceries. Thanks to the friends who bought bonnets!


17 thoughts on “Prayers, Answered

  1. Glad for your blessings! I went shopping Saturday and bought some enteric coated aspirin and when I got home and peeled back the label where the complete list of inactive ingredients were I was shocked what was in it: aluminum, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol (both found in antifreeze) talc (geologically it lays next to asbestos). Back to the store it went! Good thing hubby is well versed in Chemistry to tell me what this items are. Went to the dollar store and got 4 bottle of old fashioned white aspirin. Inert ingredients in that: starch.

    • Why would a company put poisons in the medications? Because they can get away with it. Herbs that have salicylic acid – the basic working ingredient in aspirin – incude willow bark and black cohosh. Try the lavender essential oil on the soles of your feet – just a drop or two. It has worked well for me. Also, lemon balm will reduce inflammation, so if your pain problems are related to rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory disease, a couple of cups a day will help some. It is also a longevity herb, as it will reduce the inflammatory response in the body that leads to heart disease. Now that my body is settling down a bit, I am going to go back to it in hopes of accelerating the healing.

      • I was, too, but now my doctor has warned me off anything with salicylic acid, just in case that is a trigger for allergies. I don’t seem to need it now.

  2. Nicholas is paying for his scripts out of pocket? Doesn’t he qualify under NBPDB?

    Because he’s eligible for guaranteed income assistance . . .

    I’m sorry if I’m mentioning things you’ve already explored ad naseum. It’s just that the programs and entitlements can be labyrinthine, and it’s frustrating to see a seriously disabled man struggling to pay for his _medications_, for crying out loud.

    • I talked to the office a couple of weeks ago, once we had exhausted the cash settlement. (I am a bit impressed with myself here, making that money last as long as it did, and actually getting some necessary life-supporting items out of it.) We did the whole phone interview gambit, and I was told that he makes $20 a month too much. The cost of living adjustment put him over the benefits threshold, and I guess if the NB legislature doesn’t change that, well, sorry. Yes, we lost a benefit worth, to us, about $75 a month in exchange for just under $20 a month in cash benefit. Go figure! New Brunswick is the absolutely cheapest province when it comes to benefits. Now that I can hope for a little writing income, maybe it won’t be a problem. I don’t mind paying for what we need, as long as we have the money coming in.

      • That is amazing. I don’t know what’s wrong with that province. If a fully disabled man can’t receive assistance with his prescriptions, socialised healthcare doesn’t have a lot of meaning.

        IYH the righting work comes through.

      • I know. It also means he gets no dental coverage, nor new glasses, as we simply can’t afford that. Now I am rather desperate to get back to work for the church full-time, as then we would have the appropriate medical supplement for him. Of course, if I even had work part-time, we coould pay some of these expenses out of pocket. the lack of dental coverage is especially discouraging, as he now needs dental care in a bad way, and we don’t have the money. I do what I can with herbal and home remedies to check infection, but this is a dnagerous condition for him.

  3. Lovely, I am glad to see that things are picking up for you two. I pray for some peace and quiet now for you two and some time for healing (metally and physically) so that you can continue your journey.

      • What would we do without summer? I couldn’t cope at all, that I know for sure. Here in northern Sweden the darkness of winter is really killing so close to the arctic circle. Days with only a couple of hours daylight for months and months. Thank god for light summer nights but if I could choose they could give the winterdays 2-3 hours of the summer light, then I would be fine.

        Today was just fine, I have enjoyed a couple hours of company with friends (my birthday) and I have just three more days until my summer vacation which will be for 4 weeks. I have planned to go to two weddings during that time, my childhood friend’s and my brother’s. My brother has had an engagement of 15+ years so we are glad he will finally marry… Other than the weddings I hope to do very little things that involve having to be on time and much more being outside and enjoying the season we have now.

      • We live farther north than most people in North America, and I sympathize. We have as little as seven hours of full daylight at the winter solstice. I well remember getting up in the dark and getting on the school bus at dawn, and coming home in the dusk. I used to look forward to the full moon and clear skies, although it was terribly cold, so that I could ski at night.

  4. I am so glad that you are getting a little “breathing room” in your budget. I missed you greatly while you were offline. I will continue to keep you and Nicolas in my prayers. I know how it can be dealing with bureaucracy, having disabilities and getting needed medication.

    • In a way, I don’t mind that we are outside the bureaucracy of this. I just need to find the funding, i.e. income, to keep caught up and also get ahead with firewood and such before winter. I pray that God will send us a steady source of income, and if I can work from home, all the better! Did you ever try the “veil” idea I had re: riding in a car? I made a tubular tulle veil (white), put in a yarn drawstring at the top, and wear that outdoors under bonnet or straw hat. I have an allergy to some insect bites, and with long sleeves, mud boots, and gardening gloves, I’m covered from head to toe!

  5. Glad to hear your prayers have been answered Magdalena. I also like the lavender essential oil tip, I might have to try that tonight.

    • I’ve found it makes a great difference in the quality of sleep. Now I wish I could find something that works as well for coughing.

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