Crofting: In the Garden

Just an average day on the job

We are still preparing our garden plots. It is still within reasonable planting season here. This is what I look like when I am adding soil amendments. In our garden this year, those are wood ashes and composted manure. These are not things one wants to breath. And because the manure often has mold spores, I have to be doubly careful not to breathe it unfiltered.

Yes, it is hot, although it is rarely sweltering at this latitude. It keeps the black flies out of my ears and nose, as well. I have a piece of white tulle which is going to be sewn into a veil to go over the sunhat seen here and over bonnets. I think I will make it a tube with drawstrings at either end. I am very much covered from head to foot while outdoors. I wear long sleeves, a high necked dress or blouse, or a kerchief over the neckline, and leggings under the skirt. I wear long socks and at least ankle boots. I have gardening gloves, as well. I cannot wear sunscreen or insect repellent.

In a century past, it wasn’t unusual for women to wear veils while riding in open buggies and automobiles, or to protect their complexion while gardening.


5 thoughts on “Crofting: In the Garden

  1. Magdalena,

    I do hope everything is okay, keeping you both in my prayers, just a bit worried about you as it is unusual for you to go so long without a post or update to comments. I assume you are both busy with the garden and goats, but will continue to pray that everything is okay.



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