These are the bonnets I mentioned on facebook.

Seafoam green toddler bonnet

 This is more green than blue as it looks here. It would fit a child between 18 months and 3 years.

Pink gingham baby bonnet.

This has a brim that stands off the face, so it is pretty but may not offer my coverage. It would fit a child up to 2 or 3 years.

Blue floral baby bonnet

The same bonnet, in a pretty light blue floral fabric.

Prairie sunbonnet

This is a standard sunbonnet, which I can make in any size and in any colour of light cotton fabric. The ones I prefer to make now have a neck ruffle to keep the back of your neck from getting burned. I have some pretty Ozark style bonnets to sew that are similar to this, but with fancier ruffles.

Traditional slat bonnet

A slat bonnet has battens in the brim to give it some shape while still lying flat  when it is off your head. It has a wide cape across the back and shoulders.  It is the best protection from the sun, but it has rightly been described as feeling like you have your head in a mailbox.

Bonnets obscure the side vision, and while this is fine working in the yard or garden, it’s best to remove it when driving or crossing busy streets.


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