Crofting – The Wee But and Ben, upstairs


My front bedroom is no longer the box room, lumber room, storage space, or doggery. It is now a bedroom, with a bed.

The front bedroom

The wall paper is old-fashioned, green flowers on an aged parchment background. I like it. The floor is an old vinyl sheeting. It is very cottagy. Our landlords had this antique bed repainted at a body shop, so it a bright British racing green.

The front of the room, window

 I think it is comfortable and charming, but it may not be elegant. I like it quite a bit. The old chintz coverlet on the bed is very country-ish. It rather reminds me of my grandparents’ home in my younger days.

Someone took a nap.

Our bedroom is at the back of the house. It had just been painted when we moved in, this old-world ochre, a colour I very much like. I like bedrooms to be peaceful, uncluttered and largely unornamented. I don’t like to have a television, radio, or computer in the bedroom. We read in bed. I guess you can tell. Most of my husband’s books are theology; some of mine are theology, but I vary it with 18th and 19th century novels. We both have Bibles and prayer books next to the bed.


8 thoughts on “Crofting – The Wee But and Ben, upstairs

  1. The bed in the front bedroom looks just like Ella’s. Is there a medallion in the middle of the perforated part? Ella’s is a bouquet of flowers. Ella’s bed belonged to my Great-Grandma, I’m so happy to have Ella using it now. Your bedroom looks nice and comfortable too. We also don’t have a tv or anything in the bedroom. Colin has a clock radio but that’s usually only on to wake him. The wallpaper in the front room looks nearly the same as the paper I used in our bedroom 🙂

  2. Your bed looks comfy but I don’t think it would do for me. I sleep with 4 18-lb gold kitties and one very humble miniature chihuahua named Jack, which leaves limited space for me in a full sized bed. But I’m warm…..

  3. Thank you for sharing. You home makes me think of mine with those little half walls. Someone said that, technically, our home is 1 and a half stories. Who knew?!

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