XStations a modern Stations of the Cross

Found by my friend Julia, reposted for its beauty and truth.

via XStations.


4 thoughts on “XStations a modern Stations of the Cross

  1. magdalena,

    Battling through much at the moment – paused to read this – I cannot stay the tears! How great the Saviour’s love for me…for us all…



    • It is beautiful; I was so very happy to share it. Julia Holloway had posted it on facebook. I had heard privately from Amy, and we are holding you in prayer day by day.

  2. magdalena,

    I can’t thank you enough for your prayers for me and my husband…this year, 2011, is a year at odds, i fear. got news back from physio and radiologists on Wed evening; got a compression fracture of L1 on top of everything else from the fall, the vert. has lost 20% of its height. That would explain the pain and the fact that by the end of the day my back gives me merry hell. I can hobble short distances (a few metres) but need crutches still to move about – they take the load from my twisted knee and back simultaneously but are a bit of a nuicance if one is VI; can’t use cane or guide dog so hubby is guiding me, but I’m actually up and that’s the important thing! It is nothing short of a miricle that I am still upright and able to move!! Visit any spinal unit in any hospital and besides the usual candidates – folk who have had motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, diving/climbing/construction accidents, there are too many folk who have had accidents in and around the home just going about their daily businesss…

    I continue to uphold you in prayer also, day by day. I thank you for your care, compassion and sisterly fellowship.



    • I thank God that Amy got in touch with me and let me know so I could continue the prayers for you. Thank you for your prayers.

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