Crofting – Spring Begins

These goats, one white, one black

It is finally spring here – the snow is rapidly melting, our fields are mostly open, we can get into the garage/barn again. Nicholas and I make a recon in there today – planning where to put stalls, what will need to be moved out eventually, how to fix the doors. And then I agreed to buy two milk goats the last week of this month. Really. Two cross-bred does, believed to be pregnant, three years old, experienced milkers. (And I do hope they are in kid, because otherwise they will be eating their heads off until they are bred and can freshen again!)

I worked outdoors today, cleaning up with rake and shovel after a long snowy winter, with dogs eating THEIR heads off and depositing the effluvia in the yard. Everywhere. It looks like other people must have been dumping their dogs’ leavings in my yard. Two dogs can’t make that much mess – and one has only been here a few weeks. This is my least favourite dog related chore.

We stacked wood, I cooked on and in the woodstove again, and I got two loads of wash hung on the line. I even opened windows.

We now have not only peppers and cauliflower started, but English thyme, yarrow, and broccoli, after just four days. Some of the seedlings are on top of the refrigerator, which seems a good place to start them. It’s warm and has good, even light.

Today I felt like a real country woman – wash on the line and on the clothes horse by the woodstove; pot roast simmering while vegetables roasted in the oven; wood stacked with the husband after he split some kindling. We had a bit of a stroll along the river bank, contemplating our vista to the east. Tomorrow I plan to get some sewing done and work on my immigration file for a bit.


11 thoughts on “Crofting – Spring Begins

  1. This entry made me realise that in two years of living here, I’ve never entered my garage.

    How city is THAT.

    Also, that I need a second grow light.

    I don’t know if leaving the seedlings atop the fridge is a good idea. I know two people who did that and didn’t get the ventilation they needed.

  2. Goats are never boring, even if you fence them in a la maximum security prison they may still get out and do, well, whatever. A friend had his goats stare at him through his bedroom window, on the second floor. They had climbed up on the garage roof which was next to his window.

    I love goat cheese in almost any form there is so congratulations to your hopefully ‘pregnant’ goats.

  3. Hello Magdalena,

    I know this is quite off-topic, however I did have a question I wished to pose you. Can you, or any of the other bonnet-wearing ladies-here, tell me the practical purpose(s) of a (hard) bonnet, like your own? After looking around, it seems quite rare to find one that extends past the face, so I’m guessing that the bonnet isn’t worn for shade. Please don’t take me wrong, I am quite for getting a bonnet. Rather, I am looking for reasons to cite my decision to wear one, besides being oddly attracted to it.
    Also, could you tell me what style of bonnets you wear or would like to wear?
    Thank you!

    Many blessings,
    Mia Langford

    • I had a bonnet made that shades my face. The outing bonnet was originally to keep the white kapp clean (and on your head). Some groups expect that the adult women will wear them when out in public. Girls often do not – it’s kind of like our grandmothers never going downtown without a hat, even if the hat served no practical purpose. Mennonites especially like sunbonnets in the summer, and often indulge in quite bright floral prints. I have two different style sof Mennonite bonnets – the close one suitable for driving, and a fuller one that I ordered. I also wear sunbonnets and a slat bonnet for work outdoors.

      • Thank you! Would it be too much of a bother to send/post pictures of the two different outing bonnets for me? I am aware that you posted a picture of a custom-made bonnet you purchased from Prayer Coverings, but am not quite sure if that is the close one or fuller one. I intend to, when I have time, sew myself a slat-bonnet for summer, but also would like to invest in an outing bonnet, as you call it. 🙂 Thank you again!

      • I’ll get a pic up tomorrow. The fuller one is the custom one. I’ve got a collection of photos of bonnets, so tomorrow’s post will be bonnets. I didn’t get a new post this evening – wordpress had some kind of hack. Mia, your link doesn’t work – do you still have a blog?

  4. I have a friend who SWEARS by dog poo as a fertilizer for roses. And having all that poo—-why, my friend you have the perfect excuse to go buy a lovely rosebush now! (darn, consumerism raises its ugly head) ‘Sides…umm…umm…rosehips make good tea and are excellent sources of Vitamin C. That would be MY excuse anyway.

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