Survivalist, Prepper or Housewife? | Granny Miller

Granny Miller has some cogent thoughts on how we live – and I’m tickled that her house looks quite a bit like my house, although better organized than I am at present. We are not waiting for the hammer to drop, or the war to come ashore, or the zombies to invade – we are just living a normal life as people have always lived.  We stock up because it is economical, healthy and prudent – not because we are expecting our food supplies to be cut off tomorrow. We are looking for alternatives to on-the-grid power not because we are afraid of losing our heat and lights, but because the grid is expensive and wasteful. And we don’t own any guns. There’s no bug-out shelter. There are no trip wires to tell us if we have invaders. (We are even polite to the Witnesses and Mormons who very rarely wander down our dirt road.) We are farmers and crofters, not homesteaders, preppers, or survivalists. We are Christians living a basic, rural life.

via Survivalist, Prepper or Housewife? | Granny Miller.


3 thoughts on “Survivalist, Prepper or Housewife? | Granny Miller

  1. Thank you for the link. I am “Granny Miller’s” Husband , and I am also an Anglican. Mind if I ask what country you are in? “Croft” is not a common term around our part of the World.

    • I am in New Brunswick, Canada. I am of Scots and Irish descent, most likely most of my ancestors came out of crofting situations. We are on a rented smallholding that was historically farmed, and work cooperatively with the landholders to improve the property. (Although we pay more than the legislated 30 pounds a year in rent, it is below market.) For instance, we paid half the cost of installing a woodburning stove in the house; they will provide some materials and assistance for fencing and other land preparation matters. So our situation is much more like the 19th century crofting relationships than the American concept of converting raw land into farmstead.

  2. Thank you for your kind reply. While my surname is German, many of my ancestors also came from Ulster or Northern England.

    As Plain Anglicans, you are not in bad company…..One of my heroes, Thomas Clarkson, comes to mind.

    God Bless you and yours. I also hope you are feeling better

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