What Men Should Be

Sometimes it seems as if men and women don’t talk to each other, don’t really look at each other, and have the strangest expectations of each other. Women, for at least a hundred years, have thought they knew what men would wear. Not really. Women knew what they thought men should wear, and the men had other ideas.

What every soldier really needs...

Yes, a handcrocheted tam o’ shanter to wear with his forage tunic. I think this pattern, circa 1910, would be the sort of thing a wife or girlfriend would make for her dashing fellow, and if he were any kind of gentleman, he would wear it for about an hour whilst strolling the pheasant brake, and then conveniently lose it on the train, very, very soon.

NOT what he wants for Christmas, but probably what he got anyway

This might be too big to forget on the train. This must be post-war, about 1950 or so, since it has a zipper closing. Always elegant! Did Bing Crosby wear one like this in White Christmas? I think women had fantasies of their man coming in with an armload of oak, bulding up the fire in the original brick Colonial fireplace  of their original brick Colonial home – sort of a winter in Connecticut dream. She would have a clam chowder simmering in the original brick kitchen (with a modern gas range), he would pour them a little tot of brandy after dinner, and they would share amusing anecdotes of their day. Too bad that sweater she poured blood, sweat and tears into is going to end up in the dog’s bed.

an amusing little project to while away an evening!

The same technique could be used to produce dishcloths, which would certainly see more use. I suppose with people leaving the farm for urban jobs, and  with ex-GIs going to university before taking professional jobs, there was a need for more formal daywear in many wardrobes. These do not fill the bill.

I think this is how men saw themselves in that era, and many still do:

Cary Grant is apparently the type here, playing golf and staring into the clear blue sky, looking at that bright, bright tomorrow.

But this is the sweater SHE made for him. The one on the left.


2 thoughts on “What Men Should Be

  1. Oh MY!!! These remind of a Barbara Pym book, one of the male characters was very handsome, but hated to reveal his profession – a male model for knitting patterns!!!!

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