Ice and Snow

Pity anyone who has to drive on our roads in the next twenty-four hours. This is what it looked like this afternoon.

Nicholas and the faithful sheepdog

It is an ice hazard everywhere. Nicholas is taking the compost to the pile which is in back of the garage, where it is making itself into delicious garden humus.

Pond hockey?

I think I know where the low spot in the backyard is now. We could skate if this freezes tonight.


4 thoughts on “Ice and Snow

  1. I think we got another inch of snow yesterday. Lots of the little tiny flakes that don’t make good snowballs. Nicholas is far braver than I, that much ice just plain scares me. With fibro (and to some extent age) the bumps and bruises from a fall takes me a long time from which to recover.

    • We has very bad freezing rain down around the Woodstock area. My son had to swerve to avoid an oncomming car that was fishtailing, and crashed into the bank at the side of the road. He has to replace his bumper, but at least he is alright. It’s so nice that you don’t have to go anywhere when the weather is nasty.

      • I did that back in December. I am stil recovering from this flu and the allergic reaction I had, so I will be in for a while. I’ve got some compare and contrast photos to post soon!

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