Author: More teens becoming \’fake\’ Christians –

A friend posted this on facebook. Are we really paying attention to the faith we instill in young people? Are we promoting a mere moralistic theism?

Author: More teens becoming \’fake\’ Christians –

via Author: More teens becoming \’fake\’ Christians –


7 thoughts on “Author: More teens becoming \’fake\’ Christians –

  1. The article identifies teens seeing adults living the Christ way as what is most important. This is the incarnational reality. People need to see real faith in action. No gimmicks or carefully chosen words can substitute for this.

    I saw my parents move to a place with no employment in sight because they felt God told them to do it. We lived in poverty and were severely threatened by others in the community to whom my parents’ faith intrinsically questioned how they lived. This is the “radical” way the article talks about having an impact. It will look different for different people, as God’s calls are unique, but it is always that lived faith that has the real impact.

  2. This a great article and I am certain this trend could be applied to adults in North America as well. Christians have no idea how the feelings they could feel by being more active with a church and practicing their faith everyday.
    I myself have a blog where I (lately) have been discussing arts projects I have been working on, but incoporate my Christian lifestyle as well, and dream about homesteading one day.

  3. I have some sympathy for anti-church sentiment. When I was 14 or so, our small-town Presbyterian church split over the choice of a new pastor. I watched as people who had been lifelong friends no longer spoke to each other. The schism was permanent, and so has been my distaste for organized religion. Love God. Don’t like/trust churches. They’re fulla people, and for the most part I’m not keen on my fellow homo sapians. (geez, sounds like I got up on the WRONG side of the bed this morning)

    • I am still in the church despite all that. Sometimes I think it is crazy to stay – but then, I feel I am called to do just that. And the best thing to do if you get up on the wrong side of the bed, is to get back in! Sleep until a better day comes along.

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