I Ordered the Stove!

Yes, I know you saw this before. I actually ordered it yesterday. I sent an email, got an invoice, and paid it through PayPal. I just bought something pretty expensive sight unseen. I ordered it from Tschirhart’s in Vienna, Ontario. (http://www.qualitycountryproducts.com).  All the logic pointed us toward getting it now, at the lowest price this year, before we have to buy another tank of heating oil in the spring.

As I said to Nicholas this morning, getting a woodstove is saying that we are dedicated to homesteading. We intend to stay here as long as we can, working the land, learning to be part of this community. It is time to stop meandering, looking for the ideal situation. That ideal situation will never come. As I say to others: Do what you are given to do, where you are given to do it. That is here.

We prayed for this and we have received it. Prayers answered! Stop second guessing God!

We took the house the day we saw it, with no second thoughts, even though it did not have a woodstove. Then we found that we could have one. Need we ask again? Follow the leading, don’t hesitate.

My prayer now is that we will be able to make a good job of homesteading, that we will plant and harvest plenty for ourselves and others, that the little bit of income we need to get us through the rough patches that will inevitably come will be given. The income we have now is enough; we can pay the rent and utilities and necessities out of it. We can set some money aside from the funds on hand for emergencies. But taking into accountt hat things are going to get more expensive, we need to economize now, and plan to lay down a better foundation for the day we need to replace a vehicle or buy equipment.

My most important prayer is to fit into our community, to be part of what is already here, to contribute meaningfully, to be at peace with our neighbours. This is more valuable than gold, when the brethern are in harmony.


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