Another side of homesteading!


via SPRING?.


2 thoughts on “SPRING?

  1. Magdalena,

    this is inspiring!!

    This truly raises the bar!


    From full composting in=house, self sustainable energy production, briliant composting system, garden etc, no take away, no disposibles etc no uncradle to cradle packaging for anything brought in etc, the gauntlet has truly been thrown down!! Cafe owners and restauranteurs even community organisations that provide meals to the homeless etc, church groups such as Hutterites and even Menonites/intentional faith communities who read this blog, step up to the crease and follow in these inspired footsteps!

    We can all do our bit.


  2. You know, when I was in England a few years ago, I was impressed that Starbucks served beverages in real mugs if it wasn’t a “to go” order.
    1. the mug can be washed and reused.
    2. how much nicer to drink out of a mug rather than a styrofoam cup!
    3. think how many less styrofoam cups end up in the trash each day.
    4. the real mug was optional, but almost everyone in the place had opted for the real mug.
    5. and the slice of fruit bread I purchased was toasted nicely and service on a real plate.
    6. not only better for the environment, but so much more civilized 🙂

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