Homesteading – Trusting in the Lord

Saints live among us - St. Nicholas, at my house

All right, today I got the bills for heating and electricity. I had agreed to reimburse the landlords for the oil in the furnace tank, since they want to remove the old furnace and the tank is near full. The usual agreement here is that the tank will be refilled when the house is vacated, but that isn’t practical in this case. The cold weather is upon us, and the furnace is ON. They gave us a bit of break on the cost – enough to buy us a tank of petrol for the truck plus a little. But – Wow! I haven’t bought a tank of oil in years, having burned wood in my own homes. And as for the much beloved NB Power – they inflated our bill by a few $$ for administrative charges having to do with changing the name on the bill. Ten seconds of someone’s time cost us almost one-third of the total bill.

But all of that was offset in a few minutes. The landlords offered us the loan of a spare bed so we don’t have to buy one – my budget for that was $150. And I know that the bed will be very clean – they are meticulous people. “Landlord” seems to be a word fraught with negative meaning, and it seems unfair to use it for these people who are turning into good friends. And as I opened the mail, I found a cheque from my father as a Christmas gift. The money I don’t have to spend on a bed and the gift from Dad offset the NB Power bill – not just the additional amount I hadn’t budgetted, but the whole thing.

Our landfriends also have made it possible for us to install a woodburning stove. We will buy it and have it installed – which is fine with me, as these dear people are letting us rent the house at a very affordable price and are going to help with some of our homesteading projects. We will get to choose the stove, and after years of heating and cooking on a number of woodburning devices, none of them my choosing, I am almost giddy with excitement. I’ve had every permutation of woodstove from Franklin to airtight, from cast-in-Sackville antiquities to airtight Swedish modern. I realize that my dream stove – yes, the Pioneer Maid – is out of our reach both price-wise and size-wise, but I am looking diligently for a CSA-approved appliance to heat 1000 square feet and provide a flat cooking surface. So if you know of anything used, under $500, within a two hour drive of Morell Siding, New Brunswick, let me know!

God provides for us – we didn’t need all of this, but He graced us with blessings today. I pray that I will be worthy of this blessing.


5 thoughts on “Homesteading – Trusting in the Lord

  1. magdalena,

    This is a wonderful answer to prayer and blessing of God’s providence!! I shall pray that the right stove for you at the right price in safe driving distance comes up. As for power companies, Canada is not the only country where this sort of thing takes place…Australian utility prices for same amount of energy used has skyrocketted within the last year or so, hurting those who can afford it least. Thankfully, we don’t need to keep furnaces going here in Australia, not even in Tasmania, but so many houses are designed all electric, which costs dreadfully to keep warmer in the cooler climate parts of Aus in winter – and for most of us, aircon has become a huge cost (homes are not being built to be temperature efficient (north-south facing, double brick, high ceilings, enough shade planting around the property to protect against the sun without being dangerous (can be done), wide eaves, homes built on stumps or peers to allow airflow rather than concrete slabs etc).

    Your landlords sound wonderful. I’ve had fantastic landlords in the past that have been more like family than the property’s owner.

  2. It really sounds as if you have found a near perfect rental situation.

    We too have had occasions where an unexpected check has arrived at a time it is most appreciated, or a bill that was expected to be high comes in much lower, and I always thank God for the blessings bestowed upon us.

    How exciting about the wood stove! I have looked at new ones on line, a company in Southbend sells them, and they are extremely expensive. Every once in a while our local weekly paper has a wood stove for sale, generally they need some work, but all are in the $500 – $1000 price range.

    We have a wood burner insert in our family room fireplace, it has blowers, and does a great job of heating our first floor, we use it mainly in the fall, and early spring when we don’t want to use our furnace. Our goal each year is to never use the furnace prior to November 1, and never use it beyond April 1. We do keep our gas usage down because we never use our clothes dryer, we hang outside in the summer, and in the basement in the winter.

  3. I wanna Pioneer Maid too. If I ever win the Lottery, I’m heading to Kidron, OH with an 18-wheeler. I also drool over the Speed Queen-esque wringer washer.

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