New Year

The church’s new year has started, with the Sunday Next before Advent last Sunday. Most churches call this Christ the King Sunday, following the lead of the Roman church, but I want it to still be Stir Up Sunday (Stir up our hearts, O God) from the old collect. The plum pudding for Christmas should be mixed on this Sunday, a family activity. What with moving and all, I don’t think I will be doing the Christmas baking. That won’t hurt my waistline or our cholestrol levels any.

I am ready to make some resolutions for this new Year of Our Lord, though.

1. Learn, with God’s help, to keep my temper and patience better.

2. Stop rushing. Decisiveness is one thing, impatience is another. I need to find a balance.

3. Work on writing better. I had little time for posts each week, since I had a shared computer. I can now take more time at writing and crafting. I want to write professionally again, so my product needs to look better.

4. Be grateful for what I have, and not always be hoping for something better just to suit my taste.

5. In light of number four above, not settle in false humility for something shoddy and inadequate.

6. Help Nicholas find a vocational niche.

7. Stay off eBay, as it feeds the issues in number four.

8. Work on my own vocation and become a better scholar, a good resource person. I think a bishop would appreciate a priest and scholar who has knowledge and experience in other branches of the church, as I do.

9. Put my enthusiasms in perspective – are they leadings or notions?

10. As part of number three and number eight, improve my skills in some areas – photography and art, textiles, farming, and cooking. Most of my day is work of the hands, not work of the head.


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