Comments and News

Thanks for the many comments on my recent posts. Some got published; if I thought something was too personal, I read it but didn’t post it.

We have found a rental house in New Brunswick. It has land. It is on the St. John River. It is the first and only house we looked at. God is good and gracious, and remembers His children.

We will be returning to Ontario later in the week to begin packing. Expect that the focus of the blog will change a bit as we begin moving toward homesteading!


7 thoughts on “Comments and News

  1. How wonderful! We have been looking for a “homesteading” home since we moved to South Dakota almost 3 years ago. Our prayers are becoming more fervent about this since my doctor has said that I need a powered wheelchair to get around. We are looking for a place that we can modify to be more handicapped friendly, e.g. ramps, grab bars, large shower for shower bench or shower chair, etc.

    I look forward to posts about your experiences in homesteading. Even if I can’t do it right now, I love to read about the experiences of others! I think it will be interesting to see if Plain homesteading is any different than the homesteading I did when my children were young. . . I doubt it. Big Smile

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