Plus Size, Modest Wedding Dresses

Someone mentioned this to me recently, while watching a bridal show on television about plus size real life women trying to find dresses that fit. Why don’t designers make dresses in larger sizes, so that these poor girls don’t have to be bulldog-clipped into dresses too small, with half their underwear showing in the back? Since most North American women will have some issues around weight gain at some time, why aren’t sample dresses available in larger sizes?

As for modest and plus size – I wouldn’t look to the neighborhood bridal shop. They will carry samples in the latest trends, no matter how unlikely it is that anyone wearing more than a size four will wear it.

Two online sources for wedding dresses in larger sizes – I have no experience of ordering from them, so check before you commit your money – which has Alfred Angelo ansd Allure Bridal dresses at good prices, up to size 30w (bust 57″ and waist 53.5″.) I would expect that the bride would have to get a local seamstress to alter as needed. There aren’t many modest dresses, that is, with shoulders covered; add a shrug or shawl for more modesty. The modern trend is to let it all hang out, showcase the feminine aspects above the waist, and let modesty and maybe propriety go to the wind. But maybe you don’t want to flaunt the assets, but keep them under wraps for the wedding night. Well, just an idea!

Another site,, has dresses with that rare feature – sleeves! Not every bride, large or small, has well-toned arms, and its hard to be modest when there is the possibility of the dress gapping at the armhole and revealing all that sweet secret lingerie. Sizes go up to 28 (56″ bust and 47″ waist.) The variety is good and the dresses are more in keeping with flattering the figure rather than upscaling the most popular trends.

I think the best plan is to find a good dress pattern, new or vintage, and have it made to fit properly by a seamstress locally. Then it can be as modest as one wishes, the fit is right, and there isn’t that horrible pit of the stomach feeling in the bridal shop, “What if nothing will fit?”

I’ve mention Sewgrand patterns before, and they have a special occasion dress pattern (502), Sheer Joy princess-line dress, that could be made in bridal lace fabrics, a lace insert put at the bodice, and the contrasting box pleats in solid satin. With a picture hat or a short hanging veil, it would be very pretty and modest. (Bridesmaid dresses would look good in this shape, too.)

I hope that you find the right dress, in the right style for you. Don’t pay attention to people who want you to “hide your figure flaws.” You are what God has made you; rejoice in that!


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