Friday, Food Waste

does this look good to you?

It’s my Amish bread starter. I’ve neglected it for several weeks because (yes, indeed) I am not baking as much. I am a bit determined to take off a few pounds and since I am home all day, scrumptious baked goods lying around looking like forbidden fruit are not part of my meal plan. Note that the blueberry pie was eaten, nay – devoured – along with its sister whipped cream. Shame. The starter seems to be all right. I gave it some sugar, and shook it, and it foamed up nicely. Fact is, sourdough starters always look like something the dog brought up on an empty stomach.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I published a photo of what our refrigerator looked like after a trip to the farmer’s market in St. Jacobs, the Ontario Promised Land of all farmer’s markets. This is a photo of our refrigerator today:

The produce drawers are empty except for a few carrots, and there is part of a head of cabbage and a green pepper left. Mostly, this is leftovers – casserole, falafel, hummus, salad. (Although we do have one Waterloo Dark and a couple of Blackthorns. For medicinal purposes only.) I have some potatoes and onions in the pantry, along with the canned foods.

most of the contents of the pantry

You can’t tell from this, but there are six kinds of baking chocolate in here.

Lately, I have tossed out three cucumbers – I think they were a bit overripe when I bought them, which is hard to tell until you cut them open and see how big the seeds are. I can only make so much gurkesalat at once – I had a big Pyrex bowl filled with it, and it has dwindled to a small Pyrex flat dish. Gurkesalat is a standard Danish fresh pickle which is so stupidly easy to make that my Danish friends must have wondered why I needed a recipe. (Slice cucumbers and white onion paper thin, sprinkle with sea salt, pour vinegar over to cover. Refrigerate.) And a green pepper developed a slimy habit and was threatening the other produce in the drawer, so I booted it out into the hedge.

Mostly, our leftovers are eaten as meals, even if I have to group some of them together as a kind of smorgasbord. Since the food was good the first time around, we all tuck in gratefully when it reappears.


2 thoughts on “Friday, Food Waste

  1. Mmmm. Blackthorn’s good. If you ever get a chance, try Magner’s Irish Cider. It’s even better, IMHO. My pantry looks much like yours, sans the baking chocolates. But my taters are canned. We had a bumper crop of red jackets this spring (I live in North FL & we grow our taters during winter), So after we ate all we could hold, I canned a buncha quarts of small taters. When I’m in the mood for potatoes & gravy, I just make a roux, add some stock, stir til it’s thick & then dump in my taters & let them warm up in the gravy. Yum.

    • The store has Magner’s sometimes, so I’ll try it. The weather has turned autumnish here, so we need fewer cool beverages. I’m from a potato growing county, and we never canned potatoes, but I wish I’d thought of it when I had a surfeit of lovely little red potatoes because they are not keepers! Next time…

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