Plain Clothes on eBay

Plain Ol`Me

If are you looking right now to buy some Plain dresses or men`s clothes, I thought I`d let you know that one of my favourite eBay sellers has quite a good stock at reasonable prices. Go to eBay and look up `grannyljt3uca`. She has Plain dresses, capes and aprons, kapps and a couple of bonnets as well as shawls in stock. She also has some men`s suits and trousers, which can be hard to find pre-owned and inexpensive! I noticed that she has a good variety of sizes, and she sells complete outfits of dress, cape and apron, and kapp. I have bought kapps and cape and apron from her (as seen above, although the kapp isn`t visible.) Her prices range from just a few dollars for single items up to $30-$45 for suits and outfits. Some of this you couldn`t sew yourself for that price. (PS: She doesn`t know I`m posting this, so there`s nothing in it for me except to help my friends.)


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