Random Pearls (or wooden beads) Loosely Strung…

same blue dress, with its blue half-apron

I had some great items for the blog today. A really cool apron pattern (Friends’ surplice apron – makes up beautifully!), nostepinder with an antique example, and how I modified the Friends’ three-piece Ohio dress for a one piece front bodice.

But the camera battery is low, and now gone – so I need to find some new ones. The rechargable refus eto recharde, but they are several (like eight?) years old.

It’s been a day like that – a real “hole in the bucket” day, where I can’t start anything until something else gets finished first.

Okay, I thought, there is one handwork project I can do! Zigzag stitch the edge of the embroidery to keep it from unravelling! You know that while the linen used in many embroidery kits is so gorgeous, it is wicked for unravelling as you work with it. I used to put on masking tape, but I hate the feel of it under my hands.

The machine was set to zigzag, no problem. But htere was no bobbin thread, and no matching spare bobbin; I would have to rewind. But there was so little thread on the spool I doubt if it would be worthwhile, I didn’t ant to rethread the whole machine. Oh, yeah – this isn’t going to be permanent! No one will see it! So I popped in a different coloured bobbin thread and zigged the four sides, landing about four stitches short, because I ran out of top thread. That corner will just have to look out for itself.

As I walked to the post office and the fabric store (more thread and zippers) an older owman stuck her head out the door of a dres shop. “Excuse me, Ma’am!” (Which I am called so rarely I had to check to see if anyone else was around to answer.) “Are you a midwife?” She didn’t look like someone requiring the services of a midwife, but I said, “No, although I’ve delivered a few sheep.” “Are you a nurse?” What the hey is going on in that shop? “No.” She seemed a little flustered. “I was just wondering – it’s your costume.” Oh. White pleated cap, blue dress, black apron. “No, this is because of my religious affiliation.” Oh, of course. Thank you, so sorry…

This is southern Ontario. There are thousands of Amish, Mennonites and Brethren here. some people maybe need to travel a bit. Like to the next county.

If you can’t bear to wait until I can photograph my find, I’ll tell you that a nostepinde is a pointed dowel used to wind yarn into a ball. If you google the word you will get a few leads and phtos. I tis also called a nosse pin, a noste pinne, or a nostie. I use a tapered candle stub when I need to wind a ball.


9 thoughts on “Random Pearls (or wooden beads) Loosely Strung…

  1. I always was moms yarn winder when growing up and so todays post was very interesting to me. I only typed in Nostepinde once and found this sight. http://www.hatchtown.com/tools/misc-tools/nosting I think this would have helped me out a lot. For one reason or another I was the one mom had winding up her yarn. Maybe mom did this to keep me busy, but there was 4 of us girls and this was moms and my alone time. She was me sewing buddy also since I was 10 or 11. Moms been gone 1 yr Sept 6th doesnt seem possible. Love your patterns, but cape dress pattern to expensive. Blessing’s for a wonderful day.

    • I did the yarn winding in the family, too. I suppose it taught me some patience! I know the patterns from Friends are expensive, but they are high quality drafting paper, and since the style doesn’t change they will last you a long time. You could modify a commercial costume pattern (such as a prairie dress) to get the same type of button front, full skirt dress, and add a full bib apron. It would have much the same look and practicality.

  2. I have also gotten asked if I were a nurse, a religious Sister or if I was wearing a costume.
    I got asked those 3 things in Germany alot.

    Back in America it’s always ‘Are you…Amish, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Mormon, etc, etc.’.

    I don’t mind answering though. Gives us a good opportunity to witness and spread some good cheer. 🙂

    Ugh, my camera eats batteries like it was nothing. I know the feeling.

    We really should invest on those rechargable batteries. It’s probably worth it in the long run.

    • French Cahtolics sometimes think I’m a nun. I’ve been asked if we are one of “those people with all the wives.” How do you unpack that error? I try to answer kindly and honestly, because if I am rude and brusque than it will reflect on our Mennonite neighbours!

  3. Sounds like one of those days! We all have them. And I just hate it when a bobbin runs out, particularly if I am sewing up a storm and suddenly realize that the last ten inches is not actually sewn!!!! My sewing machine has heard a few choice words from me over the years.
    My zigzag quit working, I was working on some scenery sewing for marching band props, requiring a zigzag seam, the fabric was sequined and a bit gummy, it gunked up needle, so the thread kept breaking and all of sudden the zz became straight stitch, nothing I have tried has made zz work again. I guess off to the repair shop for the old singer!

    I loved your response to the enquring woman, “no although I’ve delivered a few sheep” LOL!!!

    • My old Pfaff needs the sewing clinic, too. I know the feed dogs need adjustment and it requires disassembling half the machine.

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