Look at That!

Here I am in a dress that is neither solid colour nor dark! I ventured into some colour and pattern this summer, in order to get lighter fabrics at the sale prices. Nicholas has picked some of the colours, and they are brighter than I am used to wearing, but they appeal to him with his diminished visual acuity.

Blue dress with a small dark blue figure in the print


14 thoughts on “Look at That!

  1. So pretty! I think light blue is the colour of happiness. When my life fell apart, I went back to square one, and asked the Spirit ‘What did I come here to do?’
    The still small voice came back simply, for six months: ‘Look at the blue’. So for 6 months that was my main occupation. And I discovered why it is the healing colour.
    Blue brings both peace and joy. It is Mary of Nazareth’s colour, and the colour of the wide kindness of the sky. You could not have chosen better.
    And you are lovely in your dress.

    • “Blue of Mary’s colour,” as T.S. Eliot wrote. It is my favourite colour. Oddly, I opened my closet door after finishing the dress, and thought, “How did that get here?” It looks like a dress my older sister made about forty years ago, in almost the same colours and print. I recall it was a gathered shirtwaist dress with long sleeves; I always liked it. Perhaps it is one of the reasons I chose that fabric.

  2. You look lovely. I adore the apron, I must confess. I have a pattern coming to me I have looked for for years. When I make it, I will post a photo in my profile page:)

    I don’t have a single white apron yet…but soon, I will 🙂

    • The poor white apron gets regular spot-treatment, though. I try to remember to put a cooking apron over it, but things drip or splatter, and out comes the eucalyptus oil stick! I am so fond of the cape-apron combo, and I am just waiting for cooler weather to make a new surplice apron – it looks like the cape and apron, but is one piece.

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