More for Baby

I am just crazy in love with being a (step)grandmother soon. All my girly dress-up instincts come out. While eminently practical in my own garments, I am certain that  babies are meant to be swaddled in little lovelies and carried about like royalty. This pretty much ends when they start walking and talking and making fashion decisions.

flowered dress with blue cap


3 thoughts on “More for Baby

  1. love love love it!!!! do you have a pattern for the bonnet, I want to try to make some for our girls, and probably a sun bonnet for myself 🙂

    I got a very nice modest nursing dress from this site and I love it!!! They do carry bonnets but was wondering if it would be cheaper for me to make them or buying them????

    • A baby cap or bonnet takes about 1/4 metre of fabric. My own sunbonnets take about 1/2 metre. I think it’s cheaper to make them, it doesn’t take much time. Send me your address and I’ll copy the baby bonnet pattern for you.

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