Baby Things

pink baby dress and pantaloons

I did a lot of sewing this summer, mostly for babies and little girls.

blue baby dress with pink pantaloons

I also cannot seem to photograph stuff on the floor without getting boot tips in the frame. There is such a thing as cropping, but I don’t know how to do it.

fancy blue outfit with cap

This little outfit is embroidered and trimmed with lace. It’s just about the fanciest little dress I’ve ever made. I made several little caps like this to go with outfits.

14 thoughts on “Baby Things

    • Thanks to all for your kind comments! In case you are wondering, I sent more practical things, too, like sleepers. I’ll post some more photos soon.

  1. they are beautiful dresses! If I ever have a daughter, I would love to have dresses like these! My mom kept my baby dresses forever–not sure if she still has them or not, but they were so pretty. 🙂

    • Each little outfit has a dress or a jumper and a blouse, pantaloons, and a slip. This baby is not going to be cold this winter. I hope the sizes work out – I had no real baby to measure. If I did this professionally I would get life-sized baby dolls to try the clothes on.

    • Oh, you have a lot of talented sisters-in-law who sew and knit! But once the babies are there, it’s hard to find the time to sew. I come from a family of all girls, too – there were six of us.

    • Yes, and it’s good that I got it done early – she’s due any day now, revised from early October due date! I sent along cloth diapers with the baby clothes, thinking, “Well, young people don’t use these anymore, but they are still good to have,” and heard back that they had decided to use cloth instead of disposables. Now, I’m off to the fabric store because they need a baby sling.

  2. The dresses are adorable. Don’t you hate when they move due dates on you? Don’t doctors know that handwork takes time 🙂

    Waiting to hear of the happy and healthy arrival.

  3. Very nice, in particular I like the blue dress it is so sweet and I tend to like colours that are not too pale, even on babies where they are so common.

    • I like strong colour on children rather than pastels. It makes them easier to see when they are up to mischief.

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