Food Waste Friday, either a week late or a day early

We`ve had some busy days around here, but despite a refrigerator full of produce (farmer`s markets!) and houseguests, we haven`t had much food waste. Last week a big green pepper went all soft and mushy and slimy in the produce drawer, and earned itself a good scolding before it went into the trash. This week, I had to sort through a large bowl of blueberries (highbush local berries) and pick out about a half-cup of gooey ones. I was afraid that the whole bowl had gone off, but I caught it in time.

The rest of the berries, along with some sliced peaches and strawberries that hadn`t made it into fruit salad, ice cream topping, or cereal bowls, went into a very,very delicious sauce for cheesecake. I put all the fruit, along with the accumulated juices, in a saucepan (it must have been about a quart or so) and added a cup of white wine, about a half cup of sugar, and the juice of half a lemon. I cooked that over medium heat until it came to a boil, and let it simmer until it thickened – no cornstarch necessary. The lemon juice and sugar jelled the natural pectins in the fruit.

At this time of the year, with lots of fresh food around, I check the refrigerator every other day and use anything I think has gotten past ripe. There`s no junk food in the house – we snack on fruit and cheese instead.


3 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday, either a week late or a day early

  1. I buy blueberries in large quantities for my husband’s cereal. If any berries or indeed any fruit I have goes mushy I put them out in a special little concrete basin I have in a corner of the yard for the birds and insects to dine on. Butterflies seem to love even the stuff that’s going ‘fizzy.’

    • I’m afraid of attracting our gangsta raccoons! My dog eats most just-gone-by fruit, but some of it was too slimy for even her.

  2. Don’t get me started on racoons!! I raised one once and that was quite an experience. I love all animals, but they can be trouble. Our first bunch of chickens lived 7 yrs in our enclosed back yard with no problems. We lost eventually all 25 of them to racoons. We trapped them and got the attacks stopped, but a few months later more racoons came and it just went on like that until they were all gone. My husband made a completely enclosed area for this bunch of chickens ( they are 2) and we had two different attacks and lost about 12 all together. They can break into things pretty easily with those little “hands”. The one we raised had a huge cage on the back of the house with a plastic pool and doghouse. We would lock him in at night and he figured out how to get it unlocked.
    That is funny – gansta racoons!! Hit the nail on the head!!

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