Think Before You Link

There must be software out there in the cybermundo that lets cybersellers automatically link to blogs and websites, with weird little blurbs like “Very interesting post! I’ve linked back to my site! Get 10% off your first order!!” And they sell designer handbags and high heeled shoes. Yes, I’m sure my readers and friends are so anxious to browse your ripoff designs, buddy – there’s nothing like bright red fake Jimmy Choo heels to set off that grey cape dress and apron. As for handbags – I carry a now-ancient overshoulder bag in ripstop nylon that serves as a portable filing cabinet and medicine chest for my husband. I don’t have a cellphone or cosmetics or any of the stuff women usually carry in those monstrous bags they call “my purse.” (Have you ever been accidentally sideswiped by the American Tourister sized Gucci “purse”? I’m not frail and the little thing wielding this weapon about knocked me off my feet.)

Most of those links end up in my spam box, and get ‘deleted permanently.’ It’s such a feeling of power.


One thought on “Think Before You Link

  1. I carry “The Purse” at our house. My daughter prefers to use a small wallet that will fit in a jacket or scrub top pocket. My purse ends up with my combo wallet containing: ID, Medicare card, 3X5 card with my multiple allergies, my checkbook, and even a few dollars in cash now and then. My purse also holds the family checkbook, my epi-pen, sucrose tablets for low blood sugar, benadryl, ibuprofen and a bottle with 2 or 3 prescription pain pills in it. . . . and an asthma inhaler. I keep my cell phone in my bodice just in case I need to summon help (as in help I’ve fallen) and my family isn’t with me. I try to keep my handbag light so I also carry a separate knitting or hand sewing project bag… which also becomes a catch all for the rest of the family.

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