Friday Food Waste

We had lettuce go bad. I’d tried to revive it, but it didn’t seem to have any shelf life, so the last of it got tossed. Produce, especially when it is kept and eaten raw, is hard to stock up. Unless you’ve picked the head of lettuce yourself, you don’t know how long it’s been out of the field or how it’s been handled. I find it aggravating to buy food that doesn’t hold well, but it’s not as if we deliberately ignored it in favour of the chocolate-covered oreos.

In general, we eat well here, with whole grains, vegetables, lean meats and not too many desserts. I’ve been cutting fats and sugar in baking, with no discernible differenc ein quality. I use applesauce and about a htird less sugar in the Amish sweet bread and banana bread; they come out very moist but a bit flatter than expected. They keep well, though, and everyone here likes the texture.

I’ve also been working to use meat out of the freezer before we buy much more, or the older stuff will get buried and end up freezer burned. The freezer isn’t a pup, either; I think it’s got a bit of a gasket leak now and we are looking to replace it within the year. The older ones are often electricity hogs, as well, and it gets worse the older they get as the compressor starts to wear out. We could manage with just the little freezer atop the refrigerator, at least for a while, although that isn’t ideal for long term storage.

I’m quite easy with the thought that there isn’t any old, old food lurking somewhere – that’s one of the benefits of menu planning and using up what you have before you buy more.


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