Friday Food Waste

I didn’t blog about food waste for a couple of weeks, so we had some. One week, it was slimy salad (yuk). Then it was sprouty potatoes and onions – they weren’t forgotten, but I suspect that the packer let the bags get wet or damp, and the little roots and tubers just did what they are supposed to do. (Does anything smell worse than a rotten potato?)

I know that a leftover beef sandwich has been in the refrigerator for three days, and I believe that is about to become a dog snack. I could take the beef out, scrape off the mayonnaise, and give the bread to the dogs and re-use the beef ina chef’s salad…but no. We have lots of uncooked food in the house, and I’m afraid trying to recycle two slices of beef is a bit obsessive. (If I were starving, hey, sorry dogs! If the bread isn’t moldy, the beef still pinkish, and the mayonnaise uncurdled – that would be mine! But I don’t quite trust it now.)

Does anyone have the Mennonite cookbook from the seventies “Gathering up the Pieces”? I think that’s the title – I’ve had two copies and they got lent out and never returned. It had a lot of ideas and recipes and reasons for using food resources frugally. It may be out of print now, but is worth finding (again).


3 thoughts on “Friday Food Waste

  1. i don’t have “gathering up the pieces” but i do have “more with less” both the cookbook and companion book. the cookbook has sections within each recipe heading for gathering up the pieces. neither book is out of print and i highly recommend both to anyone.

  2. I had not heard of Gathering Up the Pieces, but I’ve did have a great cookbook called More With Less, written by Doris Janzen Longacre or something close to that, I’m terrible with names. She was Mennonite, and collected recipes and food traditions from Mennonite families worldwide.
    It was so good I handed it down to a daughter, and will apparently be needing copies for the rest of my daughters as well.

    • leslie and Erica, that is the one I mean. I don’t know why I got the name wrong – maybe there’s a subtitle or something. I’m going to try to find another copy soon.

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