Anglicans Only!

Well, not really. I made a comment on someone else’s blog that Anglicanism was a theological system in itself, not just part of the Roman Catholic Church that broke away over some legalisms. Another commenter tried to argue that “Anglicans always say that, and why do you hate the High Church?” (Or something to that effect.) I don’t hate the High church (Bells and Smells, processions and vestments, priest waving HIS hands a lot) but I find it a lot of extraneous action that distracts from the core Gospel message and perpetuates the Elevated Priest mythology. and I’m not “Low Church” in that I am Protestant in theology and practice.

Are we different or are we just Catholic Lite? Are we Protestants who wanted to keep priestly privilege? Or do we have a theological system well-exemplified in modern theologians such as Dorothy Sayers, C.S.Lewis and N.T. Wright? (Richard Hooker is the best of our Reformation era theologians in my view, but a bit of a hard slog.)

Here’s the link to Chris Armstrong’s blog if you want to see his original post and the following comments.

I didn’t bother answering back. I stay out of arguments, especially with someone who seems completely convinced of their own position.


4 thoughts on “Anglicans Only!

  1. I might be just about as high church as you could get and I cannot possibly think of us as separatist Roman Catholics. As Anglicans we may seem to have started that way, but our tradition wound up combining Roman Catholic beliefs with ones from radical Protestantism to create the via media which is distinct enough to be its own. I think that’s evident every time I try to relate TEC to someone’s own tradition; calling us “Catholics with divorces” or “Protestants with fancy clothes” has never even come close to describing our tradition.

    • I don’t hate high church, I don’t even dislike it. There’s a time and place for ceremony. For Anglicans, it needs to be in a cathedral or a college, or at elast a large city churc h. Small churches and rural churches just make themselves look silly with too much going on. It’s the simple dignity of the Anglican rite that makes it so very different and theologically focussed.

      As for thryign to compare – it just doesn’t work, does it? We are different, and I think that reflects our own theology. We used to say, Lex orandi, lex credendi” – the way we pray is the way we beleive. That is the heart of Anglican theology – The Book of Common Prayer.

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