Time to Write

I’m going to take a brief hiatus from the blog, probably a week or so. I want to do some indepth thought and reading on a couple of subjects that are a little deeper intellectually than what I have been doing. I like the kind of post I have been writing, and the responses to it – but I need to shift gears and flex my heavy-lifting theological muscles as well. Not that there isn’t plenty of theology in daily life!

My online time is very limited right now, for various reasons. I know that I am in entering another transition; that things will change in the next few weeks – I know this through the Spirit, and I hope I am hearing His voice in it.

Among the topics I would like to explore is hospitality in mainline churches (especially Anglican) and the profound stillness of God. The recent readings in the lectionary on Elijah got me thinking about that. I heard an online sermon that so missed the point about listening for God, that what Elijah encountered in the profound stillness on the mountain was a voice inside himself. That has troubled and disturbed my spirit. There is a whole book around that.

As well, I would like to do more reading and reflection on the creation spirituality of women. How do we articulate what we are to the rest of the world?

I hold you all in prayer; those who have my email address can find me there, and for those who don’t, there is facebook – a little work will find me.

God’s blessings to thee!


4 thoughts on “Time to Write

    • I should add that if new comments come in, they will just sit,as I am not even looking at wordpress for a while.

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